Connect and handle your Spotify Accounts and schedule updates.

- Connect infinite Spotify Accounts

- Import automatically Playlists

- Schedule updates on Playlists: Add or Delete tracks.

- Scheduler options: Move track on top list; Remove same amounts of tracks from bottom; Replace all tracks of playlist;




Share Playlists to other users, let them schedule content or check Submissions.

- Create and manage infinite Teams

- Invite other PLADMA users to your Team

- Share Playlists to other users on the same Team

- Tasks, Playlists and Submissions are visible only to owner as default

- Owner can assign other Team members to Playlists: Team members can then create new Tasks or handle Submissions




Create Submission Forms and allow to your network to Submit tracks privately to your Curators.

- Create infinite Submission Forms and chose to share them privately or to list them on PLADMA main directory

- Every Submission Form can be setup to allow guests submitting content only to certain playlists, or to all

- Submissions can be Scheduled or Archivied by any User that has access to the submitted Playlist

- Users can schedule all or only some track to any playlist they have access to




Import all your Artists contacts. PLADMA automatically send an e-mail to whom submitted tracks that got succesfully scheduled plus all the Artists involved in the tracks.

- PLADMA import automatically all Artists that are scheduled on Tasks

- Users can associate multiple e-mails to each Artist (Artist, Management, PR etc), all emails are secured on a Team base

- PLADMA can e-mail Artist once a Task is executed to let them know their track got featured in a Playlist

- Task owners receives an e-mail whenever a Task get completed or fails

- Whom submitted tracks receives an e-mail once a submission get published