PLADMA is a Spotify Management Tool powered by Kinphonic that helps managing Spotify Playlists from Multiple Spotify Accounts with Team Collaboration features that make it simple sharing any playlist with any Curator of the team or with external teams.

The Spotify API Integration supports Scheduled Updates on playlists, such as Adding/Removing Tracks and more advanced features, while the Team Collaboration features brings personalized sharing options between the team members, Editors will also have the big pictures of all updates and can review any content of the Team.

PLADMA integrate a powerful Tracks Submissions Platform that ease the managment of incoming submissions allowing to create infinite Secret Forms that can give access only to certain selected playlists. Curators can check any submission to their managed playlists and can easily schedule any submitted track and email automatically the submitter with all the informations. 

PLADMA is also an E-mail marketing tool that allows you to email all tracks Artists automatically once tracks gets published.